featuring Jim Miller

Commercially released or available recordings

"Off The Cuff" - Jay Hoad & Chris Finnen

Features Australian Blues legend Chris Finnen and my long time Aussie collaborator Jay Hoad. Recorded in Adelaide, Australia


Selected tracks to stream/download:
● These Days
● Gaol Song
● Favourite Things

"When Push Comes To Shove" - Bullbuckers

Ska/Reggae project led by Kevin Tarzanin. Recorded at Milk Boy Studio in Philadelphia, PA and produced by Grammy winner Tim Sonnefeld. (4-pc. horn arrangements by me).


Selected tracks to stream/download:
● Sangria
● Don't You Know
● Gimme A Little Sign

"Pennsyltucky" - Bryan Russo's Boys Called Susan

Bryan Russo in collaboration with his cousin Chris Shearer. Recorded at the Butcher Shoppe in Nashville, TN and produced by Grammy winner Phil Madeira.


Selected tracks to stream/download:
● Company Man
● The Home Team
● Heaven Knows

Forbidden Fruit

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" - Jay Hoad

Jay Hoad's 3rd album. Recorded in Sydney, Australia under the direction of multi platinum award winning music producer Craig Portiels


Selected tracks to stream/download:
● To The Sunset
● Free Country
● Island Boy

"Postcards" - Skribe

Skribe is a touring independent singer/songwriter. I am featured on the track Common Ground. I spontaneously created the horn arrangement in the studio and multi-tracked the parts.

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Stream/download Common Ground
Live video also on YouTube

"Stories For The Soul" - Jay Hoad

Jay Hoad's 2nd album, recorded in Adelaide, Australia. (My contribution was recorded remotely in the USA).


Selected tracks to stream/download:
Windy Creek

"Burden Of Proof" - Bryan Russo's Bargain Scotch

Bryan Russo and a jazzy, jumpy, NOLA type project.


Selected tracks to stream/download:
● Talk of the Town
● Too Many Cooks
● H

"Warm Butter" - Alexander Peters

Alexander Peters is a singer/songwriter based in Maryland. This album was recorded at Sweetfoot Studios and features my only commercially recorded trombone playing. Horn arrangements by me.


Selected tracks to stream/download:
● American Dreamers
● Yellow D

"Live From The Rehoboth Jazz Festial" - The Larks

The Larks - Live from the Rehoboth Jazz Festival

Stream/download any or all of it at Bandcamp

"Back Home" - Cathy Jane

Cathy Jane is a local folk singer/songwriter. This album was recorded at Silver Fox Studio and produced by Rich Johnson.


stream/download: Where They Never Say Your Name

"Warmth In The White" - Jay Hoad

My first collaboration with Australian/Fijian artist Jay Hoad. We would eventually go on to tour the world playing festivals, concert venues, etc.


Selected tracks to stream/download:
Flame To The Rhythm
Rat Race
● Get Down Tonight
● Warmth In The White
● Goin' To Jam

"Live at the Bethany Beach Bandstand" - Delmarva Big Band

The Delmarva Big Band- this one is no longer available for purchase :(

St. Louis Blues
● (more coming soon)

"River Jam Bootleg" - The Larks

The Larks didn't record many live shows but somehow this one has been given immortality.

Stream/download any or all of it at Bandcamp

Stream/download a couple that didn't make the cut:
● (coming soon)

"Pam Miller Band" - Pam Miller and The Larks

The Pam Miller Band album also featured members of The Larks

Selected tracks to stream/download:
● (
coming soon)

"Whole In My Head" - Brendan Gallagher

Brendan Gallagher is a local singer/songwriter. I was spontaneously invited to create and record horn parts for his unfinished album while I was in Sweetfoot Studios recording another project.

stream: To The Grave

"Point Of View" - Pam Miller

Pam Miller debut album featured some heavy hitters, including Jim Mitchell and Bob Diener. Mixed and produced by Tim Starnes.

Selected tracks to stream/download:
● (coming soon)

"Relapse" - The Medics

Second album by this established jazz ensemble, all of whom had an "MD" after their name (including me). Recorded at MSA Studios.

Select tracks to stream/download:
● (coming soon)

"CD Sampler - Pam & Jim

This goes way back. I had a steady duo gig with elaborately created Midi tracks on my Korg O1/W keyboard. Vocals were recorded and mastered at MSA Studios. We eventually combined with the remnants of Medulla and evolved into the Images Band.

stream/download all 15 tracks

Coming Soon - Unreleased Audio Tracks